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(Photo by Wendell Cruz / AP)
(Photo by Wendell Cruz / AP)

Well, this is the moment we have all been waiting for. New York Governor, Andrew Cuomo, announced that the host of the New York Rangers and New York Knicks — Madison Square Garden — will be allowing a limited capacity of fans.

“The Knicks and Rangers are preparing to welcome approximately 2,000 fans per game at the Garden” the report states. That is 10% capacity as the Garden can hold up to 20,000 fans. While it does not appear as much on the surface, it’s a good sign heading into the future.

In fact, fans were in for a treat on February 23, 2021, when they returned to the Garden to see their Knicks take on the Warriors. As a gesture of respect, Knicks welcomed and highlighted the frontline workers who were in attendance for the game.

Last night, nearly 2,000 Rangers fans piled into the Garden to cheer on their team as they defeated the Boston Bruins. Throughout this pandemic, you could certainly tell both players and coaches missed the impact of having fans in the arena. Rangers Coach Quinn touched upon it after the victory last night.

The Knicks counterpart — Brooklyn Nets — are also going to be allowing up to 2,000 fans into Barclays Center. After the forming of a superteam, Brooklyn fans have been eager to get an up-close look at their team.

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With the COVID-19 vaccine becoming more readily available, fans can expect an increased capacity amount heading towards the summer. 
The good news is, not only will we see an increased amount of fans piling into basketball and hockey arenas, but we can also expect the same for football. In fact, both Dr. Fauci and President Biden are optimistic and hopeful about filling up NFL stadiums in 2021. Although we cannot see the finish line of COVID-19, it appears as if we are getting closer and closer.

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