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Cherry Laithang, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons
Cherry Laithang, CC BY-SA 4.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

So you want to be a plant parent, but you’re worried about screwing it up? Look no further as this plant mami guides you on three easy choices that have thrived so far in her care. The pandemic has caused an uptick in plant purchases, and we’ve witnessed people’s living rooms turn into mini jungles. The plant envy has many of us eager to grab those coveted Variegated Monsteras, Peace Lilies, and Begonias. While these plants are, without a doubt, gorgeous and gram friendly, consider that these plants will break your newbie heart. Why? Because of the amount of care these plants require and their finicky personalities. That’s not to say they will never be in your future, just definitely not right now.

Before we even hop into the plants, I need to give you the most crucial piece of advice when it comes to plant parenthood. Stop overwatering your plants. Yes, we have all been guilty of it. No, your plant is ok. Why? Because too much water= root rot = death. How can you tell? Usually, it appears as discolored leaves (yellow/black) and lack of growth. That being said, it is equally important to consider that the container you use for your plants has a drainage hole. There is a lot of information out there claiming various ways around this, but as someone new to plants, I have stayed away to give my plants the best possible chance.

Golden Pothos: Courtesy of Dreamstime

What are some good plants to start off with then? My very first plant and a personal favorite are the Golden Pothos. If you want any indication of how hardy these plants are, consider their nickname “Devil’s Ivy.” These plants can survive weeks without light and water and are nearly impossible to kill. That being said, they like bright indirect sunlight and should be watered once their soil has completely dried out. This is a climbing plant so expect to see it draping itself beautifully over its pot.

Snake Plant: Courtesy of Depositphotos

Snake plant: This plant comes in many varieties, but they are all great for beginners. They can go weeks (honestly a good month and a half, I’m guilty) without water and prefer it! They like to be on the sunnier side, but careful not to leave them in direct sunlight as they can get sunburned (yes, plants can get sunburned, I was also shocked). Plus-side is this plant produces “pups,” so you pretty much have an endless supply that you can re-pot and grow!

Succulents: Courtesy of iStockphoto

The central theme here is to have plants that don’t require much care. This allows the occasional slip up in maintenance. I find that scheduling care on a specific day helps me stick to a routine, so I know when they are due for something. Personally, I use Sunday, and thus Sunday is for the plants. I highly suggest utilizing a forum like Reddit to find groups that discuss plants as they have various tips and tricks. So remember to be mindful of your watering and your plant’s need for lighting, and you’ll be living that plant parent life in no time.

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