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Mythic Legions All Star
Mythic Legions All Star

Mythic Legions fans rejoice; there’s another All-Star wave coming! For those of you who may be asking, what are Mythic Legions, allow me to explain. 

Mythic Legions is a 1/12 scale fantasy toy line by Four Horsemen Studios, which has worked for the biggest toy companies like Hasbro, Mattel, and NECA. Funded initially through Kickstarter, the Mythic Legions line has become their most successful toy line ever. With 13 waves released so far, and three more in the pipeline, Mythic Legions includes various medieval and fantasy elements from noble elves, loyal knights to skeleton warriors and demonic fiends. 

Mythic Legions All-Star Wave 4 Is Coming! Vote For Your Favorites Soon CultureHead Magazine
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So there’s something for everyone here, and that makes collecting the older waves a lot harder. The original figures from the first wave of Mythic Legions are pretty pricey now; this is where we introduce the All-Star wave.

The All-Star Waves are re-releases of the more popular figures. The fans are allowed to vote for which figures make the cut. It’s a great way to get your hands on some previously rare and pricey figures. If you’re interested in collecting this line, I highly recommend getting it from the source because third-party retailers tend to hike up the price, and you don’t want to see what the aftermarket prices are on eBay. So do yourself a favor: Subscribe to the Source Horsemen newsletter to know when voting starts and subscribe to us if you want to see future reviews on those figures and more.

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