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Chet Hanks
Chet Hanks

Where do we even begin? For a long time, Chet Hanks kind of existed on the margins of the Internet culture with rare flamboyant appearances that would generate Twitter memes and eye rolls. (Apparently, he also does have a career as an actor and once rapper, but he does not let his work speak for himself). Sure, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s son has adopted a Jamaican accent out of nowhere and one time went on a rant about why he should be allowed to say the N-word. But those are the things that white men tend to easily get away with while actually gaining more following in the process. And I am sad to report that the Internet has done it again. Whether ironically or not, we have given Chet Haze the platform from which, on March 27, he (respectfully) announced that it is about to be “White Boy Summer”. Finally. Something we truly don’t get enough of around here (end sarcasm). 

It gets worse. Of course, there’s merch with the culturally inappropriate font. Evidently, Hanks’ “White Boy Summer” also presupposes the existence of “Black Queen Summer”. Although, according to Hanks, it is an “all-year-round” season for him. 

Well, with great power comes great responsibility. Just as his radical concept was taking off, Hanks’ history of abuse in his past relationship with Kiana Parker, a Black woman, came to light. Parker was able to obtain a protective order against her ex-boyfriend and came forward with claims of physical and verbal abuse that she had to endure at Hanks’ hands for months throughout the couple’s relationship which commenced in 2020. 

A video taken by Hanks himself of the couple’s fight that occurred on January 8 shows him with a bloodied face saying on camera, “this bitch just attacked me with a knife” before Parker is heard denying his claim in the background. In the video, Hanks also accuses his ex-girlfriend of stealing his money. He is currently suing Parker for theft and assault. 

According to Parker, she came to Hanks’ place to gather her belongings following her decision to end the relationship, which Hanks did not take well. She arrived with three other people, her assistant, a mover, and a handyman. Hanks reportedly came at Parker with a knife causing her to swing a pot at him in self-defense. 

This malignant turn in Hanks’ sexualization of Black women demonstrates the way his entitled and racially inappropriate behavior, for which he was awarded attention and opportunities, could escalate into abuse in private relationships. Hanks is yet to address the issue publicly and currently continues profiting from his “Black Queen Summer” merch.

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