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Image: Syfy
Image: Syfy

The X-Men have been doing okay in the film industry, but not so much in the video game industry. There are so many games based on superheroes like Spider-Man, Batman, and Deadpool, that do extremely well. So why don’t the X-Men have any games to come out recently? Especially when they have so much potential to be a great game. Personally, I think an open-world X-Men game would be the perfect choice for developers to make, similar to DC Universe Online, GTA Online, or Red Dead Redemption Online. You’d be able to travel the world as an X-Person and either save the world or conquer it.

Create Your Ideal X-Person

Image: Regal

Everyone has always wondered what it would be like if they were a superhero. With an X-Men video game, it would be a lot easier to be one! The great thing about the X-Men series is you would be able to have any power you wanted to. In the character creation, you could choose what kind of powers you’d want and your fighting style. You could even have the power to steal your opponent’s powers for a specific amount of time and use it against them. The problem with games like DC Universe Online is the fight mechanics are simple and not very good. However, if you take fight mechanics from games like Red Dead Redemption or The Last Of Us, the X-Men Game could be incredible and could work for your style of fighting.

Be Able To Be Good Or Bad

Image: Black Nerd Problems

Most games that have a behavior system do very well. With an X-Men game, a behavior system wouldn’t be hard to make at all. You could become a student for Professor X or a member of the Brotherhood for Magneto. However, if choosing a side doesn’t work for you, you could work as a lone wolf and create your own faction or join a third party whose alignment is somewhere down the middle. 

Story Would Be Incredible

Image: Comics Alliance

The X-Men franchise has always done a great job at telling amazing, and at times dark stories. In X-Men: First Class, we see firsthand the struggle between Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr. Erik being a Holocaust survivor, and later facing discrimination for having mutant powers with his thinking that mutants are the next evolution to human beings. Charles comes from a rich upbringing and his ideals that mutants can live among humans and protect them, while not being ashamed of being a mutant. Your character could be put into the middle of that war and decide which side is right, or no side is right. Your character would be faced with the dilemma “should you save the human race, even if they hate and fear you.”

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