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State of Play 2021
State of Play 2021

Sony’s State of Play just ended; it was short and sweet, with updates on some previously announced titles and the debut of new games plus content for the Playstation 5. 

Starting the show, Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time gets a trailer for its PS5 debut with new features. They committed to getting 4k Resolution with 60fps making it the smoothest Crash game you’ll ever play.

Returnal gets a gameplay overview. It looks like a third-person shooter roguelike game where dying is expected. After each death the environment changes and you have to start over, meaning every run will be a fresh one. The alien beasts make this game look extremely challenging and exciting. It drops on April 30.

Knockout City was announced for the Nintendo Switch, but it’s got a better spotlight trailer here showing off some actual fun mechanics and modes like 1v1, 3v3, and Free For All. The dodgeball game announced a crossplay beta launching in April, so check it out for yourself. Or you can wait until May 21.

Sifu looks like a badass martial arts game with a hallway combat scene giving me some serious Oldboy vibes. You play as a martial artist fighting his way through different opponents throughout his life. This looks like a fun beat-em-up game, but we got to wait until 2022 to see more.

Solar Ash gets its first gameplay trailer, and you know Annapurna Interactive loves its artistic games, and this one is no different.It has a fast-paced flow and feeling that honestly reminds me of Sonic Adventure. It’s expected to drop later this year. 

Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach drops its first trailer. The game takes a big turn away from the jump scare simulator of its predecessors. It looks akin to games like Outlast, where you have to escape terrifying enemies with no means to defend yourself. Need your killer animatronic fix now? Check out my review for Willy’s Wonderland to hold you over until the game drops later this year. 

Oddworld: Soul Storm is looking like one of the most interesting games. It has side scroller and platformer elements, making this look like an enjoyable game. 

One of the show-stealers this time is Kena: Bridge of Spirits, coming out for PS4 and PS5. It honestly looks like you’ll get to play through your very own PIXAR game with its beautiful animations and graphics. The gameplay trailer shows our new protagonist battling to save the spiritual world from corruption and helping lost spirits cross over to the other side. August 24 can’t get here soon enough. 

We get to see another Deathloop trailer giving us some cool first-person shooter gameplay. The trailer is paired with a James Bond-like theme that has interested me in this really cool and stylish game more than ever before. If you ever played Dishonoured, then you’ll like the way this game is shaping out. 

Sony saved the best for last showing off  Final Fantasy: Intergrade. The PS5 port of one of the most anticipated PS4 games ever gives us even better graphics, instantaneous loading, and more new content! It includes the re-introduction of Yuffie and her very own story campaign during the remake events. I know many will be excited as many fans were expecting years before the next chapter to the Final Fantasy 7 story. 

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