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Ms. Marvel
Ms. Marvel

Kamala Khan or Ms. Marvel is the newest superhero on the block. In 2021, Marvel gifted its fans with several mini-series that explored the motivations of characters already familiar from the Avengers saga. In 2022, Marvel is all set to bring new characters from the comics on board, such as Moon Knight, She-Hulk, and of course, Ms. Marvel.

Here are a few reasons as to why we’re supremely excited for this upcoming Disney+ show:

  1. Kamala Khan’s Origin Story

For the first time, Marvel will be exploring a superhero’s origin story over the course of six episodes, as opposed to a feature film. The series will showcase this young teenager slowly coming to terms with her powers, saving the world, and managing her regular life.

  1. She’s Just a Regular Girl Who Loves to Write Fanfiction

Why We’re Excited for Ms. Marvel CultureHead Magazine
Image via Marvel Entertainment

In many ways, Kamala Khan could’ve been the average Marvel fangirl who spends her free time gaming and writing fanfiction. She’s struggling to fit in school, idolizes Captain Marvel, and is just a regular teenager trying to have a normal life. Until, of course, the Inhuman cells in her body become activated, and she begins to manifest shape-shifting/polymorph powers.

With so many Marvel fans being teenagers themselves (or were once teenagers), the show is bound to feel personal and relatable and a reminder that anyone can be a superhero.

  1. More Diversity in the MCU

Let’s face it. Most of the Avengers are white, cis, and male, such as Iron Man, the Hulk, Captain America, and Hawkeye. Although we have a few female Avengers (Black Widow, Captain Marvel) and Black superheroes (Black Panther and The Falcon), the MCU clearly isn’t diverse enough.

Kamala Khan is thus all set to be Marvel’s first female superhero of color in a lead role. As a Muslim Pakistani-American teenager from New Jersey, Kama Khan’s religion and cultural background are a big part of her identity. We hope Marvel won’t just “white-wash” her.

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