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Pieper and Matt James. Courtesy of ABC Entertainment
Pieper and Matt James. Courtesy of ABC Entertainment

Time is of the essence, as the latest season of The Bachelor quickly progresses toward the hometowns week. In all honesty, I did not even notice how the show got so close to this milestone but not due to being engrossed with all the relationships on the show but rather because of being exhausted from all the drama we continue to see each week. 

Last week’s villain, MJ, ended up going home early in the episode after a two-on-one with Jessenia. The latter pointed out MJ’s part in the bullying that has been going on at the house. Pieper goes on the first one-on-one with Matt to a carnival, where we can really appreciate how much the show’s budget grew from Tayshia’s season of The Bachelorette. The producers have come prepared for this season-in-lockdown. Anyway, Pieper tells Matt she’s falling for him, and Matt avoids sharing the same sentiment. Kind of a bad omen. 

Just when you think that the drama subsides, Serena C. takes on the villain’s role this week. She decides to deal with her frustration about all the drama eating away at her time with Matt by starting, surprise-surprise, a fight with Katie. In Serena’s eyes, Katie is responsible for bringing to Matt’s attention the unhealthy and unfriendly atmosphere among the contestants. Indeed, how dare she have a conscience. 

The Bachelor: Does Anyone Still Care Who Matt James Ends Up With? CultureHead Magazine

This conflict does not go far, though, as Katie gets a second one-on-one date this week, at the end of which Matt sends her home, saying that the feelings he has for her are platonic in nature. Their date consists of pranking Matt’s close friend and former The Bachelorette contestant Tyler Cameron while he is getting a massage. The whole ordeal was so cringy that, maybe, Matt should have held off eliminating Katie, as she might be the only one who shares his 5-years-old-level sense of humor. Perhaps, they do belong together.

To top things off, the show producers decided to shake things up one last time, as Heather Martin, a former The Bachelor contestant from two seasons ago, comes on to the show to also fight for Matt’s heart. Even though the show tries really hard to convince us that this was not a setup (with the CCTV camera footage of all things), I have a hard time believing that anyone would have the guts to crash a reality show this late into its run just because her friend told her she would be a perfect match for Matt. Even if she is a former contestant who knows the showrunners already. 

This is where the show leaves us now: Heather shooting her shot and the other contestants looking like they are about to shoot the producers for all the things they continue to put them through. The drama takes up the majority of screen time every week, while each woman is being rushed into opening up to Matt in order not to lose time and keep his attention. At this point, it’s becoming harder to care about who Matt ends up choosing in the midst of all the scandals. 

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