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Michael B Jordan: Alexa's Body
Michael B Jordan: Alexa's Body

This year’s Super Bowl is a strange one. With the pandemic and all, it’s another big event that needs to be adjusted with the times. With that being said, we still got some expensive commercials to look forward to during the breaks. Unfortunately for us, chicken wing slinging, nacho dipping, pizza eating, super consumers, and the usual gang aren’t all here. Budweiser, Pepsi Cola, Coca Cola, Planters, and Avocados from Mexico are out. But there’s some returning advertisers and new blood that really wanna dig into your pockets. Let me do you a favor and list some Superbowl LV commercials from the worst to the best, coolest to weirdest, and everything in between.

The Best:

Showing Michael B Jordan in Alexa's body
Alexa’s Body

Amazon’s “Alexa’s Body”

Alright, these are our two winners. It’s entertaining, it’s funny, it got Michael B. Jordan taking his shirt off for the people. With a tremendous commercial promoting Alexa, every scene is hilarious. A poor husband trying his best to compete with a trifling Alexa that can answer almost every need you have and look good while doing so. Things were definitely getting too wet out here. 

Watch Alexa’s Body Here.

Mountain Dew’s” MTN DEW MAJOR MELON Bottle Count”

You can’t see him, but can you see how many watermelon Mountain Dew bottles are in John Cena’s new Mountain Dew commercial? You could win 1 Million dollars, which makes this one of the wildest commercials you will ever see. 


The Funniest: 

Show Drake in Super Bowl Commercial
Drake From State Farm

State Farm’s “Drake From State Farm”

Rodgers, Mahomes, Paul Rudd, and Drake. It’s fun to see some celebrities let themselves be the butt of the joke. 

Watch Drake From State Farm

M&M’s “Come Together”

These dudes always know how to make a funny commercial. This one is no different. It’s relatable; it’s fun. Well, worth a watch. 

Watch Come Together

General Motors’ ‘No way Norway’

Will Ferrell goes to Norway to seek revenge. He recruits Aquafina and Kenan Thompson to defend America’s honor. His overexaggerated antics always get me laughing. 

Watch No Way Norway

The Coolest:

Show Cedric and Post Malone
Bud Light Legends

Bud Light’s “Bud Light Legends”

It’s one of Avenger’s Endgame’s most epic scenes but with previous Bud light commercial stars. It’s pretty dope, it’s fun, and if you’re a big fan of watching Super Bowl commercials, it rewards you for your viewership. 

Watch Bud Light Legends

Michelob Ultra’s “All Star Cast”

A vast cast makes me feel like this is a movie in the making with Sylvester Stallone, Lucy Liu, Usher, Maluma, Megan Fox, and Serena Williams, all making appearances and the great Don Cheadle spearheading this commercial with his actual brother playing his doppelganger.

Watch All Star Cast

DoorDash’s “The Neighborhood”

You got Daveed Diggs, who killed it in “Hamilton” singing with Big Bird and Cookie Monster. They’re singing about how DoorDash can be used for more than food, and you got me listening. It’s great to see Sesame Street still out there getting some love. You know they deserve it. 

Watch The Neighborhood 

The Nostalgic:

Show Mila Kunis in the Cheetos Commercial
Cheetos’ “It Wasn’t Me”

Cheetos’ “It Wasn’t Me”

Like I said, Nostalgia is big. Cheetos’ hitting you with the real-life married couple and That 70’s show’s co-star Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher paired with a hilarious remix of Shaggy’s hit song, It wasn’t me. It’s a throwback in a throwback, and it makes me want Cheetos.

Watch It Wasn’t Me

Cadillac’s “Edgar Scissorhands”

Nostalgia is always the go-to for these Superbowl commercials. It’s a little weird seeing it, but it made me want to see Timothée Chalamet starring Edgar Scissorhands in an actual Edward Scissorhands movie or sequel.

Watch Edgar Scissorhands

The Weirdest:

Show how weird the commercial is
TurboTax “Spreading Tax Experts Across The Land”

TurboTax’s ‘Spreading Tax Expertise Across The Land’

A desk roaming across the country trying to get you to do your taxes is as weird as a commercial can get. But it gets weirder.

Watch Spreading Tax Expertise Across The Land

Hellmann’s “Fairy Godmayo”

Amy Schumer is a commercial where she is the Fairy Godmother of Mayonnaise has to be a joke within a joke, right?

Watch Fairy Godmayo

Doritos’ “Flat Matthew”

All I can say is that this is one strange commercial to promote chips, but it’s working. I probably won’t forget about it for a while. And to be fair, this ain’t the weirdest commercial of the show.

Watch Flat Matthew

Tide’s ‘The Jason Alexander Hoodie’

This is the weirdest commercial of the game. You just gotta see it for yourself. 

Watch The jason Alexander Hoodie

The Worst:

To expose Robinhood
Robinhood “We Are All Investors”

Robinhood’s “We are All Investors

Clearly, when you blocked the people’s ability to invest in the stocks they want so that hedge fundies can recover tremendous losses after manipulating the stock market system AGAIN. You want to do some damage control. Oh, I know! Let’s release this super diverse commercial featuring investors we didn’t screw over for our hedge fund overlords. Please look at our cute dog; it’s so cute. Please forget how we cost you lots of money during a critical trading time with GME and AMC stock. We all are investors, right? You didn’t have enough liquidity for trading, but now you got Super Bowl money, huh? Pass.

Watch We Are All Investors

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