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SK8 The Infinity
Image Credit: Aniplex USA
SK8 The Infinity
Image Credit: Aniplex USA

SK8 the Infinity is a delightful anime about friendship and skateboarding set in Okinawa, Japan. Each day, after midnight, skaters compete against each other in the “S”- a secret competition where they race along a narrow tunnel carved from an abandoned mine. The narrative follows the escapades of Reki, a passionate skater and mechanic who introduces Langa, the new transfer student from Canada, to the underground skateboarding community.

Although Reki and Langa’s friendship and rivalry form the show’s crux, the supporting characters such as Adam, Cherry Blossom, and Miya Chinen are equally engaging, with interesting backstories.

1. Langa Hasegawa/Snow

Our Favorite Characters from SK8 The Infinity, Ranked CultureHead Magazine
Image Credit: Aniplex USA

As a child, Langa enjoyed snowboarding with his father. But after coming to Japan and befriending Reki, he develops a newfound love for skateboarding. Immensely talented, he masters the skills in a few weeks and is soon noticed by professional competitors.

2. Reki Kyan

A high school sophomore, Reki also works part-time as a mechanic at a local skating supplies shop. He designs custom boards for Langa accompanies him to the races but feels sad when Langa’s skills slowly outshine him.

3. Ainosuke Shindo/Adam

A young politician by day, Adam is a legendary skater who sees Langa as a worthy competitor and even organizes a tournament so that he can race against him.

4. Miya Chinen

Miya Chinen is a young skater whose love for skateboarding gradually waned when she was pressured to participate in competitions to hone her skills, and missed out on social life. She hopes to represent Japan in the Olympics and is often found playing video games.

Our Favorite Characters from SK8 The Infinity, Ranked CultureHead Magazine
Image Credit: Studio Bones

5. Kaoru Sakurayashiki/Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom dabbles in Artificial Intelligence and calligraphy. A fierce skater, his skateboard is powered by an AI named Carla.

6. Kojiro Nanjo/Joe

A childhood friend of Cherry Blossom, Joe is charismatic, handsome, and flirtatious. His body-building and strength training influence his skating style and make him very attractive to the girls. He also runs an Italian restaurant.

7. Hiromi Higa/ Shadow

Shadow is a formidable skater who often uses fireworks and other tactics to distract other skaters and win the race. But by day, he’s a lovely mild-mannered florist.

Who is your favorite skater from the lot?

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