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Courtesy of Amazon

Brutal Spoilers Ahead

Fans of Invincible have been waiting with bated breath for this moment. This shocking finale is an adaption of Robert Kirkman’s Invincible #12. Omniman’s betrayal of Earth and Mark’s decision to defend it leads to a climactic and brutal battle across the United States. It’s the comic series’ most pivotal, most shocking, and most fantastic issue. I didn’t believe it could be topped.

Amazon’s Invincible takes something so incredible and just improves it. Like having that chocolate fudge syrup on your ice cream sundae, you couldn’t think it could get any better, but it does. There were many changes from comic to cartoon show, but if there was one thing about the comic that the show indeed improves, it’s our understanding of the most complex character in the series, Omniman. From the beginning, we see what Omniman is capable of. The audience is already introduced to his true Viltrumite heritage. His bloodlust and incredible power are put on display from episode 1. 

As we follow their journey to this finale, we see his hesitation. When Mark announces his powers, we see his stern, solemn expression. He doesn’t look excited that his son has his powers; he just realizes the reality of his situation. What his purpose on Earth originally was. He proceeds to take out the Guardians of the Globe, and prepares to conquer the planet. 

No matter what anyone else can do, nothing can stop him. He seeks out Mark, who has his Viltrumite DNA and tells him the truth. Reveals to him exactly who he is—a superman from the most brutal race of conquerors known to the entire Universe. Earth is just a job, a stepping stone in his life. So was Debra, his wife, Mark’s mother. He asks Mark to join him in taking the planet. Unfortunately, Mark has to do the one thing he never expects to do. Mark has to fight his own father to save Earth. It’s not really a fight. It’s Omniman completely brutalizing his son for a whole 22 minutes. 

Throughout the carnage, Omniman tries to explain the fallacy of supermen, like themselves, committing themselves to the defense of Earth. None of this dissuades Mark, who continues to struggle while literally all of Earth watches on in horror. What if Superman was a bad guy? Well, this is what it would look like, and it’s a nightmare. Omniman’s complete lack of apathy for human life is intensified in the series. The human casualties of their battle were merely collateral in the comic; Omniman goes out of his way to show Mark just how fragile humanity is in the series. He has no hesitation in killing humans with his bare hands. The most shocking change in their devastating battle is Omniman simply holding his son out as they collide through a subway train. Mark is used as a battering ram to literally spear through the train carts, killing everyone inside. Omniman doesn’t bat an eye.

Steven Yeun (Mark/Invincible) and J.K. Simmons (Omniman) absolutely floored me with their voice acting. Mark’s desperate cries and struggles while Omniman’s apathetic lecture slowly develops into frustrated shouts of rage left me speechless. The emotion conveyed by these two actors help elevate this already extraordinary tremendous moment to its highest heights. 

The battle leads off into the mountains, and this is where we get a deeper picture of the psyche of Omniman. In the final pages of issue twelve, Omniman, exhausted by Mark’s rebellion, asks him what he will have in 500 years. After all, Viltrumites live for thousands of years; Mark would outlive all of his loved ones on Earth. The boy’s reply is heart-wrenching. “You Dad. I’d still have you.” Despite all this, he still loves his father. Omniman leaves, sparing Mark. He flees Earth. Tears welling up in his eyes. It’s over. I’ve always wondered what went through his head during this pivotal moment.

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The series gives us that final glimpse into Omniman’s mind before he nearly kills Mark. A flashback where Omniman and his wife Debra watch Mark playing little league baseball. Debra explains the wonders of humanity, the beautiful nature of children, and Omniman looks on at his son. Mark hits a home run, and Omniman… Nolan cheers. He truly embraces humanity here. This is the moment that saved Mark’s life. The touch of humanity stops Omniman from committing the most horrible act of killing his own son. 

Amazon has already announced the confirmation of Season Two and Three. It’s safe to say I’m excited to see what’s next. With all the new content and changes to the storyline, I’m not sure what to expect in the next season besides more carnage. A few cameos in the closing scenes of episode eight have me on the edge of my seat. The Viltrumites are coming, and they don’t show mercy. If you thought this was brutal. Just wait until you meet Conquest.

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