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The Loki series is littered with Easter Eggs and references to past Marvel movies, Norse myths, and random nods to pop culture. Episode 5, which is set in the Void (where elements from branching timelines are dumped) is particularly a goldmine for obscure allusions to the comics and other Disney media.

Here are some of our favorite Easter Eggs from the show:

1. Thor in a Jar

In the earlier movies, Loki has always appeared alongside Thor. Yet here, he’s finally on his own and there isn’t any guest appearance by Chris Hemsworth. But it’s evident that Loki misses his adopted brother, and in one scene, we see a miniature Thor trapped in a jar that is labeled “T365”- a reference to the comic issue where Thor is transformed into a frog.

2. The Philadelphia Experiment

The Philadelphia Experiment is now the stuff of urban legend. As part of a naval experiment in 1943, the ship USS Eldridge was supposedly rendered briefly invisible to the human eye. In the show, we see the ship and the crew transported to the Void to be devoured by Alioth as it wasn’t supposed to be a part of the Sacred Timeline- a wonderful way to incorporate conspiracy theories and unsolve mysteries into the show.

3. D.B. Cooper

One of Loki’s mischievous escapades throughout history includes the D.B. Cooper escapade- wherein an unidentified man managed to hijack a Boeing 727 in 1971, escaping with around $ 1.2 million. Even after a 45-year FBI investigation, the case remains unsolved to this day.

6 Easter Eggs in Marvel’s Loki (2021) CultureHead Magazine
Image via Marvel Studios

4. Frost Giant Loki

Although raised in Asgard, Loki is actually a Frost Giant from the icy realm of Jotunheim. He was left to die in the cold until Odin found and adopted him. The show briefly references his Frost Giant heritage when Mobius refers to him as an “ice runt” and one of the “pruned” Loki variants includes a blue-skinned Frost Giant.

5. Loki and Sif

In the original Norse myths, Sif had beautiful golden hair until Loki cut it off, as part of a prank. This incident is alluded to when Loki is trapped in a Time Cell with Sif repeatedly calling him out on his crimes.

6. Roxxcart Supermarket

The “Roxx-” prefix is quite common in the MCU, referring to the fictional Roxxon company, which is basically a stand-in for an evil giant mega-corporation. The Roxxcart supermarket is the setting for one of the climate-related apocalypses that Loki and the TVA travel to, hinting that the shady company may have a bigger role to play in the MCU.

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