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Image via Disney Plus/Marvel Studios
Image via Disney Plus/Marvel Studios

Ever since the God of Mischief was introduced to the MCU with Kenneth Branagh’s Thor (2011), fans have been clamoring and signing petitions for Loki to get his own show or movie. Well, a decade later, it appears that dreams do in fact come true for those who wait.

The trailers for the latest MCU show have Tom Hiddleston working (with? for? against?) the mysterious Time Keepers and getting up to all sorts of mischief. Here are some things we’re most curious about:

1. What is the TVA?

The Loki series will introduce us to the Time Keepers and the Time Variance Authority, a secret organization with an animated mascot (Miss Minutes) tasked with keeping the timelines intact. Although both Avengers: Endgame and Doctor Strange included time travel in their plots, the TVA was never mentioned. We have no idea as to when they were formed, and if they exist across multiple realities. Could they be working behind the scenes all this while or did Loki’s theft of the tesseract finally catch their attention?

2. What does Mobius want?

Mobius M Mobius, played by Owen Wilson is reportedly one of the key side characters on the show, who apparently works for the TVA and enlists Loki’s help. He has apparently spent a huge part of his life analyzing Loki’s behavior, which leaves us to wonder: Does he expect Loki to double-cross him, or does he dare to double-cross the God of Mischief?

Image via Disney Plus/Marvel Studios 

3. Is That Lady Loki or a Potential Love Interest?

In one of the trailers, we see Loki and another character watching some natural phenomena (a purple sunset on another planet? a volcanic eruption? celestial lights?) together. The shot is majestic, framed in soft pink and purple shades, and the character with Loki has a Black Widow-vibe. Fans have theorized it may be Lady Loki and/or a potential love interest for our favorite God of Mischief.

4. How Many Realities Does Loki Travel To?

Loki will probably travel to different historical periods and alternate realities as part of his mission with the TVA. We see shots of him suited up in a jet, then in Asgard’s throne room, fighting creatures on different planets and getting up to god knows what in Pompei, making us wonder if he had something to do with the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius and other disasters across time and space.

Image via Disney Plus/Marvel Studios

5. Did Loki Really Die in Infinity War?

Given that the MCU repeatedly killed and brought back Loki to life, it makes us question if Thanos’ statement “no resurrections this time” will indeed hold true or not. After all, even a grieving Thor expressed his misgivings about his brother being truly dead, and Loki has used his illusions to fake his death at the end of the dark elves in Thor: The Dark World (2013).

Will we finally see multiple Lokis from different timelines interacting with each other? Either way, the Loki series promises to be an instant hit and now that it has already been renewed for a second season, we can only wait with bated breath.

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