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Image via Netflix
Image via Netflix

Sweet Tooth (now streaming on Netflix) is a lovely fantasy drama series that features a viral pandemic, very adorable half-human and half-animal children, and some nasty hunters. Based on the comic books by Jeff Lemire, the series is a novel take on the apocalypse genre where the deaths of thousands due to a new virus coincides with the emergence of hybrid kids who are hunted by the fearful public.

With great storytelling and stellar acting, here are some reasons why this new show is definitely worth your time:

1. Anthropomorphic Characters

The protagonist of this show is Gus, a half-deer hybrid which grows up in the wilderness. Following his father’s death, he decides to leave his secluded cabin in the woods and search for his mother. Played by Christian Convery, Gus is immediately likable, and his hilarious antics and naïve optimism will endear him to the viewer’s hearts.

2. Found Family Narratives

With the collapse of civilization, alternative communities have cropped up. A group of teenagers has banded to form the “Animal Army” dedicated to rescuing hybrids. A therapist refurnishes an old zoo into a safe haven for abandoned hybrid children. Gus strikes up an unlikely partnership with ex-hunter Tommy Jepperd, whom he dubs the “Big Man,” and is later joined by Bear, the exiled founder of the Animal Army.

Image via Netflix

3. Nonso Anonzie as Tommy Jepperd

Nonso Anonzie does a terrific job at playing Tommy Jepperd, a former football player who loses his job in the pandemic and becomes a hunter to make ends meet. His tragic past, grey moral standards, and his capacity to do better despite his circumstances make Jepperd a very complex and interesting character to watch.

4. Beautiful Vistas of the Wilderness

Much of the show is set in the wilderness of national sanctuaries and animal reserve parks. With the pandemic ravaging the human population, it appears that nature has a chance to fight back and return to a state of feral glory. The cinematography is breathtaking, offering up sweeping vistas of open fields, forested territory, and soothing greenery.

5. Eerie Pandemic Vibes

The initial stages of the fictional pandemic depicted in the show are eerily similar to the Covid-19 crisis. It is an uncanny feeling to watch the people on-screen wear masks, maintain social distancing, and even break down as loved ones succumb to the disease or as overcrowded hospitals run out of oxygen. It makes the story all the more immediate, relatable, and poignant.

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