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12 TV Premieres to Look Out For in July 2021
12 TV Premieres to Look Out For in July 2021

We are back again with another completely arbitrary list of TV shows worth checking out next month. Feel free to add them to your watch list! Or don’t. It has been an exhausting couple of decades, we get it. 

Young Royals

Netflix, July 1

This is for everyone who is having The Crown withdrawal and is still waiting for the pictures of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s newborn daughter. The new Netflix Swedish series follows Prince Wilhelm who is sent to a prestigious boarding school after he found himself in the middle of a scandal. Being away from everything he knows ends up helping the prince to get to know himself better. Royals, they just like us!

The cast of Gossip Girl. Image courtesy of HBO

Gossip Girl

HBO Max, July 8

The iconic CW show’s reboot is here and it’s queer! Or so we hear. Granted, given the fact that there was only one recurring gay character (with frosted tips) in the original series it will not be hard for the new show to meet the mark. This Gossip Girl will surely be a product of its own time, as it faces a tricky task of both appealing to the Gen-Z audience and its older fans. But almost any teen show about a group of extremely good-looking and well-styled privileged high schoolers who are horny and prone to scheming is set up for success. 


Freeform, July 8

From high school drama to college drama, Yara Shahidi’s spinoff of Black-ish is returning for its fourth season. Grown-ish follows Zoey Johnson’s journey as a college student at Cal U. The new, and potentially the last, season will depict the senior year of Zoey and her friends who all face different kinds of problems. From college pregnancy and religious abstinence to cheating and drug dealing, this show sure does have range. And Chloe Bailey.

Keir Gilchrist and Jenna Boyd in Atypical. Image courtesy of Netflix


Netflix, July 9 

A coming-of-age story of Sam, a teenage boy on the autism spectrum, will reach its end with its fourth and final season. Sam and his friends and family all struggle with their own challenges as they try to figure out life and what “fitting in” truly means. 

Sydney Sweeney and Brittany O’Grady in The White Lotus. Image courtesy of HBO

The White Lotus 

HBO, July 11

Filmed in Hawaii, the new HBO comedy show focuses on the lives of different hotel guests and staff members over the span of a week. Like many shows set in an idyllic resort setting, The White Lotus promises that there is more beneath the shiny surface of its relaxed guests and cheerful staff. Oh, and Jennifer Coolidge and Connie Britton star in the show!

Catch and Kill: The Podcast Tapes 

HBO, July 12

If you have not read the book or listened to the podcast about how Ronan Farrow’s journalistic investigation that helped to take down Harvey Weinstein, HBO gives you a chance to familiarize yourself with the story via a docuseries of podcast tapes. Farrow, a more personal side of whom you might have seen recently in the Allen v. Farrow documentary, sits down with victims, witnesses, private investigators, and other sources who helped him to uncover the story of Weinstein’s abuse. 

Maitreyi Ramakrishnan in Never Have I Ever. Image courtesy of Netflix

Never Have I Ever 

Netflix, July 15

Created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher, the teen dramedy show follows Devi Vishwakumar, a first-generation Indian-American navigating her life following the sudden passing of her dad and a less sudden desire to start dating cute boys. The show is back for its second season after a romantic cliffhanger at the end of its debut season. If you are not a fan of the love triangle trope, the new season might be tough for you. 

American Horror Stories 

FX on Hulu,  July 15

Not to confuse with American Horror Story, American Horror Stories is a spinoff of the well-known anthology. Its first season is set to have 16 hour-long episodes packed with horror and suspense. The Ryan Murphy’s show stars Paris Jackson, Glee’s Kevin McHale, Dyllón Burnside from Pose, Kaia Gerber, and Riverdale‘s Charles Melton. 

Cecily Strong and Keegan-Michael Key in Schmigadoon. Image courtesy of Apple TV+


Apple TV+, July 16

True to its ridiculous name, the new series is based on the premise of a romantic couple, played by SNL‘s Cecily Strong and Keegan-Michael Key, who attempt to reignite their relationship with a backpacking trip. But that is not the most ridiculous part. The two stumble upon a magic town stuck in the 1940s musical. Similar to WandaVision, they are also stuck inside the anomaly but for quite a different reason. 

Jason Sudeikis in Ted Lasso. Image courtesy of Apple TV+

Ted Lasso 

Apple TV+, July 23

Apple’s surprise hit TV series is back for its second season. The soccer comedy starring Jason Sudeikis has even already been confirmed for season three. The story of Ted Lasso, an American coach of college-level American football who is suddenly thrust into the English Premier League world of soccer, will unfold over the 12 episodes this season instead of 10. 

Outer Banks 

Netflix, July 30

The hit drama about a group of teenagers, Pogues as they call themselves, searching for hidden treasure in their hometown returns for season two. The stakes are about to get higher as the main characters continue their journey and reel after a tragic loss. 

Watch the Sound with Mark Ronson 

Apple TV+, July 30
In this new docuseries, Mark Ronson examines the history of sound creation and musical technology. Over the course of six episodes, the show tells untold stories about music creation and all the effort that goes into it. Ronson could be trusted to unveil new knowledge about the music industry and sound production as he is an Oscar, Golden Globe, and Grammy-winning musician who once openly and unironically identified as a sapiosexual.

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