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Bad Bunny’s WrestleMania Moment is Unforgettable

Bad Bunny’s debut match on Night 1 of WrestleMania was a hit. In the climax of a feud that began way back in the Royal Rumble, Bad Bunny teamed up with Damien Priest to take on The Miz and John Morrison. In the history of celebrity matches, the WWE has a long list of bad […]Read More


Top Six Celebrity Wrestling Matches Of All Time

WrestleMania is upon us! The two-day event is a pinnacle of sports entertainment. The WWE loves to bring as many eyes as possible to the granddaddy of them all. This year we got some serious star power with Bad Bunny teaming up with Damien Priest in a tag match against The Miz and John Morrison. […]Read More


Back 4 Blood Might Not Bring Me Back

Back 4 Blood is Turtle Rock Studios’ spiritual successor to the Left 4 Dead franchise. After playing the Alpha, all the right notes were touched on. 4 player co-op, badass weaponry, and many mutated zombie hordes to mow down. It’s looking good. I can even forgive the card system they’ve implemented for the sake of […]Read More


We Interviewed a Godzilla Superfan

With Godzilla vs Kong, we wanted to change it up, and skip the review for something a little more personal. Meet Jon Szmak, one of the biggest Godzilla fans I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting. He showed me his sick Godzilla collection and an insane Godzilla tattoo. Yeah, he’s the real deal. We talk […]Read More


How Amazon’s ‘Invincible’ Changes It Up from the Comic

Spoilers Ahead, I said what I said.  Amazon dropped three episodes of Robert Kirkman’s (The Walking Dead) Superhero comic turned animated series, Invincible. The story isn’t as straightforward as it looks. By the end of the first episode, you are aware you are not watching your typical coming of age superhero story. There’s a huge […]Read More


Superman & Lois Episode 5: The Best Of Smallville

Superman & Lois has been consistently entertaining, with every episode adding new twists while maintaining a good focus on the Kent Family dynamic. The Spring finale, The Best Of Smallville is another solid episode but a lot of new twists and not enough answers. The Smallville Harvest Festival is coming up, and Clark is unbelievably […]Read More


Superman and Lois Episode 4: Haywire

Spoilers Ahead: Beware. A lot is going on in this week’s episode of Superman & Lois, aptly titled Haywire. Meta-humans, X-kryptonite, a radical anti-Superman mad scientist. To put it bluntly, Clark has a lot on his plate this week. Being Superman ain’t easy; neither is being a good dad or a good husband. Trying to […]Read More


Resident Evil 25th Anniversary: Where The Terror Began

On March 22, 1996, Capcom released a game known as Biohazard, marketing it as a “survival horror” game. This game with pre-rendered backgrounds, fixed camera angles, live-action cutscenes, and genre-defining horror-action would be known outside Japan as none other than Resident Evil. Today, it still remains one of the biggest video game franchises of all […]Read More


Pacific Rim: The Black Season 1 Review

Spoilers Ahead; Mmkay. Pacific Rim was one of my favorite new IPs in the last decade. When a sequel was announced, Pacific Rim: Uprising, I was understandably hyped. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the best. It was a pretty big letdown, from the jaeger designs to taking one of the most memorable characters from the first movie […]Read More