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Archita Mittra

Archita Mittra is a writer and artist, with a fondness for dark and fantastical things She completed her B.A (2018) and M.A (2020) in English Literature from Jadavpur University and a Diploma in Multimedia and Animation from St. Xavier’s College. When she isn’t writing speculative fiction or drawing fanart, she can be found playing indie games, making jewelry out of recycled material, reading a dark fantasy novel, baking cakes, or deciding which new Tarot deck to buy. She lives in Kolkata (India) with her family and rabbits but may be found online on Twitter (@architamittra) and Instagram (@architamittra).


Star Wars: Visions: A Review

Star Wars: Visions (2021) is a new anthology anime show, where seven different Japanese studios come together to tell nine stories set in a galaxy far away. With stellar art direction, a staggering level of detail, and gorgeously choreographed lightsaber duels, this series is quite the spectacle. However, with the short episode lengths, it isn’t […]Read More


3 Reasons to Watch My Hero Academia

Spanning over 100 episodes, the anime adaptation of My Hero Academia has been hugely successful. Set in a world where most people possess superpowers called “Quirks,” the series follows the adventures of Izuku Midoriya, who is born without any special powers. Determined to be a superhero, his bravery, empathy, and selflessness is noticed by All […]Read More


3 Ways Suicide Squad (2021) Is An Improvement From its

James Gunn’s Suicide Squad (2021) is a vast improvement from the 2016 movie of the same name. With a solid story, more violence, and better fleshed-out characters, the latest effort from DCEU doesn’t disappoint at all. Here are three main reasons why this one is better: 1. Harley Quinn Isn’t That Sexualized Image Credit: DC […]Read More


The Devil and the Detective: The Best and Worst Things

Most people who’ve heard of Lucifer will tell you that they either hate it or love it. Having religiously followed the show since the first season, I belong to the latter camp. I adore Tom Ellis’ portrayal of the Devil, his chemistry with co-star Lauren German who plays the detective Chloe and the entire dysfunctional […]Read More


Why Spiritfarer Is My Ultimate Comfort Game

In Spiritfarer, you play Stella, a girl who is tasked with ferrying lost spirits across the seas, granting their last wishes, and taking them to the Everdoor, which leads to the afterlife. It is a game about death, dying, and letting go, and yet, it isn’t depressing at all. As a management sim, with some […]Read More


Tony Leung’s Wenwu Is One of The Best Marvel Villains

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings opened to critical acclaim and commercial success. While it has been praised for its choreography, action sequences, and performances of the leading cast, the real show-stealer is Tony Leung, who plays Wenwu, the film’s villain and leader of the Ten Rings, an underground criminal organization. In recent […]Read More


Our Favorite Characters from SK8 The Infinity, Ranked

SK8 the Infinity is a delightful anime about friendship and skateboarding set in Okinawa, Japan. Each day, after midnight, skaters compete against each other in the “S”- a secret competition where they race along a narrow tunnel carved from an abandoned mine. The narrative follows the escapades of Reki, a passionate skater and mechanic who […]Read More


Röki: Game Review

Röki is a dark and delightful puzzle adventure game inspired by Scandinavian folklore. Developed by Polygon Treehouse and published by United Label Games, Röki offers a magical and immersive gaming experience where the player takes on the role of Tove, a young girl who ventures into the snowy woods to rescue her brother (Lars), who […]Read More


The Chair: Finally A Show About English Majors!

The new Netflix miniseries The Chair stars Sandra Oh as Professor Ji-Yoon Kim, the new chair of the English department at the fictional Pembroke University. Given the popularity of STEM subjects and the backlash that arts majors often face, The Chair is a timely and relatively nuanced show about the internal and external struggles of […]Read More