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5 Short Indie Games About Death

Dying in video games usually isn’t that big of a deal – you either respawn or begin a new game. And killing enemies and fighting bosses while on a quest doesn’t generally come with consequences. But death is an integral, if not an unavoidable part of life, and these short indie games listed below are […]Read More


Shadow and Bone: 5 Reasons Why The Show Nailed It

Netflix’s fantasy drama series Shadow and Bone has been a wondrous success. It masterfully brings to life Leigh Bardugo’s enchanting Grishaverse universe-a world rife with magic, intrigue, secrets, and violence- with a cast of engaging characters, and an enthralling plot that features a heist, a lot of romance, and some fierce friendships. Here are some […]Read More


Shadow and Bone: A Review

Netflix’s Shadow and Bone, which was just picked up for a second season, is based on Leigh Bardugo’s best-selling titular novel, but it may be more fitting to say that it is an adaptation of the author’s Grishaverse universe- a fictional world filled with magic, splendor, romance, and intrigue, portrayed on-screen with stellar art direction. […]Read More