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Aizada Arystanbek

Aiza Arystanbek primarily does academic research on gender-based violence and public culture. You could say writing about pop culture and watching the Bachelor are her guilty pleasures but Aiza refuses to feel guilty for any of her pleasures under capitalism.


Rihanna Sparks Backlash with Indian Farmers Protests Tweet

On February 2nd, Rihanna tweeted a single sentence bringing attention to the Indian farmers’ protests, which, much like anything Rihanna does, caused an instant stir among the public. With her tweet, the singer and business mogul aimed to raise awareness about the continuous protests of Indian farmers against three farming acts signed by the Indian government in September 2020. […]Read More


The Things Marilyn Manson Was Allowed to Get Away with

Trigger Warning: Sexual and dating violence On February 1st, Evan Rachel Wood posted on her Instagram profile a laconic post naming Brian Warner, also known as Marilyn Manson, as her abuser of several years. She did not go into the details of the abuse she endured at Manson’s hands. However, back in 2018, Wood had […]Read More


Drama Outshines Romance This Week On The Bachelor

This week’s episode of The Bachelor was, well, a mess. This does not surprise anyone, as the producers delivered on what they promised in the preview, and it all seemed like a natural continuation of the “OGs versus new girls” drama, induced with casual stigmatization of sex work, that started last week.  Early in the […]Read More