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Aizada Arystanbek

Aiza Arystanbek primarily does academic research on gender-based violence and public culture. You could say writing about pop culture and watching the Bachelor are her guilty pleasures but Aiza refuses to feel guilty for any of her pleasures under capitalism.


Chet Hanks’ Ex-Girlfriend Accuses Him of Abuse

Where do we even begin? For a long time, Chet Hanks kind of existed on the margins of the Internet culture with rare flamboyant appearances that would generate Twitter memes and eye rolls. (Apparently, he also does have a career as an actor and once rapper, but he does not let his work speak for […]Read More


David Dobrik and the Fatigue of Celebrity Apology

On March 17, Business Insider published the story of Hannah, a young woman who, back in November 2018, attended the Vlog Squad’s house party with her fellow female friends and who was sexually assaulted by one of Dobrik’s squad’s members, Dominykas Zeglaitis who goes by Durte Dom, that same night.  According to Hannah, whose story […]Read More


Sandra Oh, Chloé Zhao, and Others Call to #StopAsianHate

In the past few weeks, a number of celebrities have spoken out against the surge of anti-Asian hate crimes happening all over the country and specifically about the Atlanta Spa shootings that occurred on March 16 and left 8 people dead.  On March 20, Hollywood actress Sandra Oh gave an impassioned speech at the “Stop […]Read More


10 Alternative Breakup Movies to Watch

Breakups can be sad… or liberating. Even though usually sadness and heartbreak overshadow everything else, some relationships leave you feeling a whole specter of emotions ranging from relief to anger. The recommended recipe to get over a breakup involves acknowledging your feelings – looking them in the face before you can heal and move on. […]Read More


Allen v. Farrow Review: the Power of ‘Male Genius’

Did you date a guy in college who worshipped Woody Allen’s films by calling it ‘real cinema’? I sure did. His movies always felt like a different category in the required masculinity curriculum, but part of it nonetheless. The heroes were the ultimate ‘nice guys’ entitled to women’s bodies and attention. Allen v. Farrow, HBO’s […]Read More


Elliot Page Introduces Himself in the TIME interview

This week, Hollywood actor Elliot Page became the first transgender man to grace the cover of TIME magazine. In this story, Page opens up about his journey of self-discovery and, more importantly, self-acceptance.  On December 1 last year, Page shared an earnest letter on his Instagram profile where he shared with the public his gender […]Read More